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Chapter 186 - Difficult to enlighten

Like the usual days, the melodious morning bell once again sounded, echoed in Mt Meru, among the mist and mountain breeze. It traversed countless of years and time, repeated day after day and in the future days like this, continued to echo.

Standing in the morning sun, Ghost Li clasped his hands behind and stood, listening.

He closed his eyes slightly, as if the leisurely echoes of the bell, must be savored. Ghost Li at the moment, for some reason, his appearance did not change but he looked like a different person, from his bearing, expression, compared to previously, more calmness, less vicious.

Perhaps, those Buddhist formations really had an effect?

This question among the monks in the temple, many after Ghost Li awakened, had this query.

The day before yesterday, Ghost Li woke up again, PuHong Master and etc checked him carefully, his body seemed fine, even the impacts he received after being heavily struck did not seem to exist on his body. PuHong Master was overjoyed and just in case, kept Ghost Li a few days more at Tian Yin temple, Ghost Li did not reject and so stayed at Tian Yin Temple.

In the past few days, Ghost Li was even more taciturn than usual, for someone like him who could actually angered the Heaven and invoked Heaven Punishment, most of the monks avoided him, only PuHong Master and FaXiang had no scruples, came to see him frequently. And Ghost Li himself did not seem to pay attention to those, did not leave the room, only when the morning bell and evening drums sounded, he would go to the small yard and quietly listened.


The last bell, carrying infinite lingering echoes, reverberated long over Tian Yin Temple sky, finally turned silent. Ghost Li then slowly opened his eyes.

Submerged in Tian Yin Temple’s morning breeze, underneath his peaceful appearance, his breathing was instead pulsing strongly, as if his entire being wanted to soar up. Tian Yin Temple monks would not know, but Ghost Li himself, understood it in his heart.

On that Wordless Jade Wall, unexpectedly appearing, was the legendary Evil Sect classic <Tian Shu> fourth volume, others might not understand but he was the only one in this world who practised the first three volume of <Tian Shu>, with one glance he knew that was what he had always been yearning for during his cultivation, the crux fourth volume.

The numerous seemingly indestructible, insurmountable problems in his training, at this moment, he had already mastered the keys to it, in front of him, was almost like a broad and open road, extremely smooth. He even had this thought, walking down this road, it would definitely be very smooth, or maybe, he could peep into realms that he dared not even have wild hopes of in the past.

And when he looked upon the past feelings, the human affairs before him, he actually had a transcend feeling, like owning a new world, looking back anew at the past.

Just that for some reasons, in his heart, in this wonderful situation, he still had a faint trace of disappointment but he could not describe it. A somewhat incorrect thought, still wrapped around his heart.

Ghost Li stood still for a very long time, no one knew what he was thinking, and no one came in to disturb him. Until he suddenly turned, for several days, for the first time walked out of this small little courtyard.

Leaving this courtyard, he never looked back.

Following the steps under his feet, he slowly walked, it was said that this road, was once that monk, in order to carry forward the Dharma, made a great wish and used great supernatural powers to build it. Today, countless people were still using the road he built, but how many would know, he was already scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

Walking on this road, the simple and crude layers of stone steps, stepping up onto it, a feeling of levelled ground was felt. That earth-shaking scene a few days ago, after an unexpected phenomenal fight, Mt Meru temple hall had varying degrees of damages, only this levelled stone-steps mountain road, was not damaged in the slightest, stayed paved sturdily on the ground, allowing numerous people walking past its chest.

Or perhaps, for the unpredictable Heaven Divine, this road too had some special sentiment?

Ghost Li did not know, and did not want to know, he walked on the road, only silently recalled the past and the deceased, while in his thoughts, he gradually arrived at Little Tian Yin Temple at Mt Meru Peak.

The door was left unlatched, here was as usual quiet, Ghost Li slowly walked in, from behind the door, conversations were heard.

He knocked on the door.

The talks suddenly ceased, then someone like being surprised, made a soft [yi] and the next moment, [zhi ya] the door opened, FaXiang appeared.

Saw that it was Ghost Li, FaXiang revealed a smile, Ghost Li nodded his head, said, “Is abbot in?”

FaXiang smiled and stepped aside, said, “Yes, please enter!”

Ghost Li went inside, saw PuHong Master sitting cross-legged on the meditation bed, smiling at him too. Ghost Li walked towards PuHong Master, bowed and said, “Abbot Master."

PuHong Master looked at Ghost Li, assessed him from top to bottom, and finally looked at his feet, suddenly nodded his head, put his palms together, said, “Didn’t expect within such a short period of time, patron’s skills has improved greatly, it is really gratifying!"

Ghost Li’s brows jumped, did not speak, FaXiang was surprised, carefully assessed Ghost Li from beside.

After a moment of silence, Ghost Li lowered his head slightly towards PuHong Master, said, “A few days ago because of me, the Wordless Jade Wall at your honourable Temple sacred site was destroyed, I am really disturbed.”

PuHong Master gently shook his head, indifferently said, “It is a small matter, not worth mentioning.”

Ghost Li was slightly startled, said, “That Wordless Jade Wall was your honourable temple treasure, isn’t it valuable?”

PuHong Master put his palms together, said, “The affairs of life moves around, all beings each and every are nothing, who will know what will happen after that? Today it is precious and important, who knows how it would be on some other days? If patron has a mind to, “ He pointed outside the window, said, “To the right outside of Tian Yin Temple there is a huge rock, patron can go take a look, maybe you will understand the Way of Buddhist mind.”

Ghost Li nodded and said, “Yes. But I came over today, is to bid farewell to abbot master.”

PuHong Master did not seemed surprise, expected Ghost Li’s words, he only nodded and said, “If patron wishes to go, old monk do not dare to stop. Just that before patron leaves, old monk has a few words, wishes to speak to patron.”

Ghost Li said, “Master please speak.”

PuHong Master said, “Patron during this period of time, suffered many calamities but eventually is able to overcome every one and break through, I see that patron seemed to have been enlightened, I wonder if it is so?”

Ghost Li pondered for a moment, nodded and said, “Master is discerning, in my survival after the calamity, I indeed had some thoughts. Looking back on my life, there are many regrets.”

PuHong Master’s eyes glinted, said, “Patron is really a person with great wisdom, since you have looked past it, why not look past the secular feelings, come join my Buddhist sect? With old monk’s appraisal, what patron longs for and thinks, it’s only just a ‘quiet’ word, how is it?”

Ghost Li was silent, stood for a long time, bowed to PuHong Master, faintly said, “Master enlightens me, I am very grateful. But although I have enlightenment thoughts but I have not looked past the mortal feelings. To me, the secular feelings, I am unable to let go.”

PuHong Master shook his head, said, “Buddha said: color is emptiness! [Translator note: It means the sensory world is an illusion] Aren’t all things in the secular world like this, resentment, gratitude, feelings, enmity, beauty, foes, all are only a ‘colour’ word, trapping humans psychologically, disturbing humans’ peace, patron why do you have to be so stubborn?”

Ghost Li lifted his head and inhaled, with a loud laughter, turned and walked out, loudly saying, “Master, wrong. Colour is emptiness and emptiness is also colour. You want me to look past the mortal relations but how can we look past the mortal relations? I am at between heaven and earth, resentment, gratitude, feelings, enmity, are exactly my lots in life. You want me to look past and attain peace, yet you do not know, after looking past, am I still me?”

The voice gradually became low and deep, finally inaudible, that man had already went far from this meditation room.

FaXiang was silent for a long time, said to PuHong Master, “Master, you have tried to enlighten him several times but unfortunately…”

PuHong Master lightly replied, “He comprehends the way and cultivation, in future I’m afraid he will be the number one figure in the world. But a person like him actually not able to see past his own demons, in the future various situations, it will depend on his own fortune.”

FaXiang bowed his head, put his palms together and chanted, did not speak again.

Ghost Li left Little Tian Yin Temple, when he walked out of the temple gate, he suddenly stopped, paused and instead turned to the right, in a few steps, he indeed saw a large stone about half the size of a person fallen to the ground.

He went up and looked carefully at the stone, saw that the stone was scarred all over but not a single word or sentence, there was no artificial chisel marks, did not understand what the mystery of this stone was about.

Ghost Li frowned, pondered for a moment, suddenly his eyes narrowed, it was attracted to the tip of the boulder.

The boulder was mottled all over, evidently experienced countless years of sharp winds and bitting frost, full of scars but at that spot, a shape could be vaguely seen. Just that over the years, it had became indiscernible.

Ghost Li stretched his hand over, gently swept the dust and sand from the stone, carefully checked, after a long time, he recognized that that was a shell shape but due to the long period of time, it had turned into stone, merged as one with this stone. Ghost Li then again carefully looked at the boulder but did not find any other unusual spots.

His gaze, once again back to the shell, unless what PuHong Master wanted him to see, was this ordinary-looking shell, and in this, what was the mystery of it?

He recalled PuHong Master’s words again in his mind, his eyes looking at that shell and slowly lit up. The towering mountain ranges of Mt Meru, in the near and far thousand miles distance, there wasn’t any deep sea or ocean but this stone, clearly belonged to Mt Meru. Thousands and thousands years ago, for all you know, perhaps this place was a big ocean.

The lifetime of a human, compared to the revolution of the earth, the vicissitudes of the world, like a drop in the great ocean, a Mt Meru mustard seed.

However, he was silent, turned towards that quiet little monastery and bowed, when he turned back, his expression was indifferent.

Where his sleeves flung, faint white light floated, his figure transformed into a light, headed to the sky, gradually disappearing in the firmament.

Look past!

Who is able to look past?

The affairs of human life will go through the great changes to the world by time, but how could it be compared to that moment in my heart, that faint light in that moment.
Qing Yun Hill, Big Bamboo Peak.

The battle at Qing Yun had already passed for some time, and after that because of the Zhu Xian Sword matter, Reverend DaoXuan kept a close watch on Big Bamboo Valley for a period of time but lately perhaps because Big Bamboo Valley disciples were too obedient, sect head did not send the warnings as frequent. Actually! In the Big Bamboo Valley disciples’ hearts, although this matter was of great important but Reverend DaoXuan’s actions were a little too much.

But no matter what, after all right now they had not been disturbed for a long while, Big Bamboo Valley gradually returned to its usual tranquility. Wu DaYi, He DaZhi both of their injuries also slowly healed, after examination by SuRu, it looked like they had mostly recovered. They were able to walk around on their own now but still unable to handle heavy tasks.

Therefore, as in the past, when the cleaning of the rooms were done, that room at the secluded corner which belonged to their junior brother who had left, also continued to be cleaned. This day, Song Daren and Du BiShu again walked towards that room.

Both were chatting and laughing, like countless times in the past, walked into the yard.

But at that moment, suddenly, a gray shadow flashed past that little yard which should be undisturbed.

That grey shadow was extremely fast but Song Daren and Du BiShu both saw it almost at the same time, both of them shocked, immediately placed their cleaning tools down, shot forward like arrows. However that shadow vanished in an instant, the two of them searched the entire yard, even the rooftop, but still did not find anything.

Standing in the courtyard, Song Daren and Du BiShu looked at each other, Song Daren frowned, “Did we see wrongly?”

Du BiShu tilted his head and thought, about to speak when suddenly he whispered, “Senior brother, look over here.” Having said that, he pointed to the back of Song Daren.

Song Daren quickly turned to see, following the direction where Du BiShu was pointing, little junior brother’s room door was initially shut tight but the window beside the door, since when a gap was left. And the room had always been left unoccupied, naturally the window would be closed tight.
Song Daren and Du BiShu looked at each other, saw the suspicions in each other’s eyes. Song Daren composed himself, whispered, “Let’s go in and take a look.”

Du BiShu for some reason, felt nervous, while nodding he could not help but lowered his voice and spoke to Song Daren, “Big senior brother, don’t tell me...will junior brother he…”

Song Daren’s eyes jumped, obviously he had the same thoughts but even he himself felt afraid at that thought, perhaps, if it was really that little junior brother who was now already a stranger, he wouldn’t know how to face him right?

His hand, when he touched that wooden door, Song Daren and Du BiShu again looked at each other, then, as if he had made up his mind, Song Daren gritted his teeth, shouted loudly, “Who is it?” While shouting, he fiercely pushed the door.

Almost at the same time, the grey figure in the room flashed past, it seemed to be startled, from the table jumped to the bed, turning around at the same time, its two bright eyes looking around, facing the two people standing at the door stunned, [zhi zhi zhi zhi] cried out.

“Xiao Hui!”

Song Daren and Du BiShu at the same time called out.


Xiao Hui swallowed down the fruit in its mouth, picked up another wild fruit beside it and bit into half in one mouthful, happily eating. Big Bamboo Valley Observed Silence Hall, right now were scattered with fruit pits from Xiao Hui, thrown everywhere, compared to its usual solemn appearance, it looked rather comical.

Right now everyone was gathered here, even the usual bad-tempered Tian BuYi looking at this scene, only frowned but did not lose his temper, his face dark, not knowing what he was thinking.

For the past ten years, all of them knew, Xiao Hui had always been with that person, never once separated, now that Xiao Hui was there, where was that person?

On that day before Qing Yun Hill Tong Tian Valley Illusory Moon Cave, Song Daren and the others saw Ghost Li, also witnessed that once little junior brother heavily injured by the Zhu Xian ancient sword, and then pursued by numerous people, although since then, there was no longer any news of him, they also vaguely heard, he was already rescued by his accomplice.

But, why would Xiao Hui appear here?

Xiao Hui’s appearance here, then where would that person be?

The same question, lingered in everyone’s hearts, weighed heavily. And in Observed Silence Hall, only Xiao Hui impertinently ate with big mouthfuls, other than that, there was still one extremely excited, completely different from the rest!

Da Huang.

This big dog, at the moment was very excited, simply ignored his master’s gloomy face, [wang wang wang] barking incessantly, circulated ceaselessly around the table which Xiao Hui was crouching, occasionally sticking out its tongue, licking Xiao Hui a few times.

Xiao Hui grinned, scratched his head and then snatched up an apple from beside, waved it before Da Huang and then threw it out of Observed Silence Hall. Da Huang with a [wang] loud bark, immediately jumped up, its four legs speeding, dashed out of the hall, everyone was surprised, looked out and saw Da Huang actually reached before the apple landed, caught it in the air and at the same time ran back immediately, laid down beside the table, its dog teeth loosened, the apple fell onto the table, rolled a few times.

Everyone was dumbstruck, Tian BuYi grunted.

Only Xiao Hui [zhi zhi zhi zhi] laughed non-stopped, obviously meeting its good friend the old dog, it’s in a very good mood, its monkey tail curled, jumped down from the table and onto Da Huang broad back, hugged Da Huang’s body.

Da Huang [wang wang wang] barked incessantly, looked up raised its chest and ran out, not knowing where one monkey and one dog running off to play again.

Song Daren glanced to Tian BuYi and SuRu, stood up, about to go out and bring back the two animals but only heard Tian BuYi spoke coldly, “Let them go! That monkey has stayed on this mountain for many years, since it has come, it will not go.”

Song Daren acknowledged, slowly sat down.

Tian BuYi was silent for a moment, said, “Other than this monkey, you and lao liu did not see anyone else?”
[Translator’s note: Lao liu is an affectionate term for number six]

Song Daren and Du BiShu shook their heads at the same time, said, "Nope.”

Tian BuYi looked displeased, suddenly waved his hand, said, “Alright, you all are dismissed!”

Song Daren and the others looked at each other but their teacher’s command was like the mountain, eventually dared not defy and could only retreated out slowly, on their way out, He DaZhi was thoughtful, asked SuRu, “Teacher’s wife, the pits are everywhere, do you want disciple to clean up?”
Before SuRu could speak, Tian BuYi slightly angrily spoke, “We’ll see tomorrow, didn’t you hear I told you to go out?”
He DaZhi silenced, with a [suo] sound retreated, in a blink of an eye disappeared.

SuRu rolled her eyes at Tian BuYi, said, “For what do you vent your anger on them?”

Tian BuYi looked occupied, pacing back and forth, suddenly looked up at SuRu said, “You think lao qi...that person, will he be nearby too?”

SuRu pondered for a moment, lightly said, “That person, has always valued relationships the most, if he wanted to see you, it is also understandable. Just that with his identity, most probably he is unable to reveal himself."

Tian BuYi’s expression changed, his plump face looked uncertain, an inexplicable strangeness.

SuRu looked at him, sighed and said, “I know what you are worrying, that day outside Illusory Moon Cave, although he was hurt by Zhu Xian ancient sword but he after all, did not die, and didn’t rumors claimed that he was rescued by his accomplice? Daren and the rest after reporting to us, all said that the grey monkey was not with him, in my opinion, perhaps he knew the danger at that time and so deliberately did not bring the monkey with him. And after he escaped with serious injures, the monkey wandered among Qing Yun Hill wild mountains, since it cannot find its master, it is not surprising that it came to us.”

Tian BuYi frowned tightly, suddenly mumbled something, like cursing someone.

SuRu did not hear clearly, asked, “What did you say?”

But Tian BuYi did not answer, grunted, spread out his brows, with his hands clasped behind headed to the rear hall. SuRu looked at his back figure, shrugged his shoulders, quite helpless.

Just when she turned around, suddenly heard Tian BuYi’s soft cry, SuRu was surprised, quickly turned around and saw, could not help but smiled.

Tian BuYi seemed occupied, did not watch where he was stepping, actually accidentally stepped onto a fruit pit, slipped a bit. Just that Tian BuYi was after all not an ordinary person, with his skills, almost immediately stabilized himself, even it was so, SuRu had already laughed out.

Making a little fool of himself before his wife, Tian BuYi blushed with shame, his face darkened even more, bitterly cursed, “Stupid monkey, see when I will skin you, then see if you will still eat!”

After speaking, not even turning back, he walked into the rear hall, leaving the hall full of fruit pits, SuRu smiled standing.

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Chapter 185 - Heaven Punishment

On that Wordless Jade Wall, numerous golden crude words appeared, such bizarre thing, even PuHong Master and all of the other Tian Yin Temple monks had never seen it before. On that Jade Wall, majestic auras rose at times, glimmered with dark red light at times, solemn and dignified golden light mixed with strange unfathomable red light, gave one a feeling of suffocation.

Ghost Li in the air, lifted his head up and gave a long scream, he looked like he was in pain, his eyes then shifted to that Wall, saw the wavering seething words. Around him, the Soul-devouring strange light turned brighter and brighter, the evil power emitting from his body, also turned stronger and stronger.

Even the monks on the ground, felt a never-before ice cold energy, coming from Ghost Li’s body, enveloping them. These three days after being grinded by the Buddhist formation, the Sinister Orb’s evil power did seemed to weaken, instead it seemed to trigger all of its power out, unprecedentedly powerful.   

PuHong Master seemed anxious, right now was the critical point of the situation, his expression like the weather in the horizon, changing constantly, unable to decide his move.

PuFang instead was worrying, he looked at Ghost Li who was bathed in dark green light, his brows frowning, looked at PuHong Master and shouted, “Senior brother, what shall we do now?”

PuHong Master took a deep breath, decisively said, “This person is the descendant of PuZhi junior brother, he also has his lifetime of great aspiration, we cannot stand by.”

He had just finished speaking when he shouted an order, again sat cross-legged down, his mouth chanting, SanSkrit song indistinctly started again, following which, the monks around him saw the abbot casting spell, all followed too. The next moment, a solemn dignified golden light, again floated out from these Tian Yin Temple monks.

Just that the Buddhist golden light this time, was different from the Buddhist formation in the past three days, in the solemness it was less merciful, more stern and harsh. However Ghost Li, did not notice the rising golden light below which was approaching himself, his attention right now seemed to be totally absorbed in those glimmering words on the Wall.

Nobody could have expected, even if those Tian Yin Temple monks saw with their own eyes, would not understand it, right now glimmering on the Wordless Jade Wall, on this most revered noble and unsullied sacred Jade Wall, was the legendary fourth volume of the Evil Sect Classic <TianShu>!    

The heavenly laws boundless, the things of the world changeful, how much can one predict?

Tian Yin Temple monks day and night performed ceremony for the Buddha, still did not know it; Ghost Li with his rough lifetime of experiences, vicissitudes of life in the world, he too didn’t know!

But Ghost Li right now, how would he consider so much, in his eyes, almost instinctively mesmerized by those glimmering words.

Every pulsing sentences, were all of the missing and unexplainable portions of the strange skill <TianShu> which he arduously trained in solitary, one by one appearing before him, like one whose road ahead was full of countless cliffs and precipices, hesitating at the dead end, suddenly there was a road in the cliff, bridge across rapids, what kind of exhilaration that was, how could he still be distracted and care about other things?

For a moment, the arduous and obscure parts of his past cultivation, suddenly like seeing the light, slowly revealed. From the first <TianShu> volume of general principles seen ten years ago in KongSang Mountain Thousand Bats Ancient Cave Blood Dripping Cave, ten years of time like tide elapsed, this man hovering in the horizon of changing situation, for the first time felt, breathing as one with Heaven and Earth, yet forgetting each and every living thing.

Panting, deeply panting!

From top to toe, every part of his body felt like it was going to explode, numerous and complicated strange whistling noise, tightly shrouded him. The different breaths in his body seething like huge waves, all surging and turbulent. The Sinister Orb evil power cold, Inferno Fire Mirror pure yang energy blazing harder and harder; TaiJi Xuan Qing Way gentle and unbiased, Great Brahman Wisdom solemn like mountain; in addition drifting out from the different areas of the body, Ghost Li past cultivated three volumes of <Tian Shu> true vitality energy, copious amount and unable to stem.

Heaven and earth changing, creating miracles!

Under the dark clouds, the strange light emitted from the figure in the air increased in brightness while the sky turned darker and darker, a direct show of might rebelling against the heavens. The thunder rumbled in the horizon, flashes of lightning were seen scurrying within the clouds, as if the heaven was already infuriated. In the clouds, strong winds blew, the clouds slowly started to spin, just above Ghost Li, gradually evolving into a giant vortex.

And Ghost Li, his attention still on the Jade Wall, oblivious to the surroundings.

And at this moment, the SanSkrit chant on the ground burst into power, solemn golden light charged to the sky, immediately enveloping Ghost Li. This golden light was extremely powerful, accumulating several Tian Yin Temple monks’ cultivation forces, how would it be ordinary, instantly suppressed the evil power from Ghost Li, containing it tightly.

Once the golden light rose, enveloped Ghost Li, the force of the thunder and lightnings in the horizon seemed to be restrained, immediately slowly turned weak, the huge vortex forming in the sky also seemed to gradually disintegrate.

PuHong Master gazed at the firmament, slowly let out a breath, the withered old monk beside him suddenly spoke coldly, “This person’s lifetime of cultivation actually invoked ‘Heaven Punishment Stern Thunder’, the powerfulness of the evil power can be seen, heaven is intolerant too. Abbot disregarded everything to save and protect him, I’m afraid it might not be correct too.”

PuHong Master’s countenance changed, turned and looked at him, that withered old monk coldly stared back, PuHong Master for the moment was speechless. Actually with PuHong Master’s level of skills, how would he not sense the waves of malevolent evil power emanating from Ghost Li, definitely not Good Faction’s skills, what he did today, it really could not be said to be right. Just that once he thought about his PuZhi junior brother who passed away in bitterness, and Ghost Li’s great merciful act towards PuZhi’s remains a few days ago, PuHong Master who was deeply touched could not watch and do nothing.

PuHong Master did not speak, after a long pause was about to speak, suddenly a stir of commotion was heard beside, many of them exclaimed, at the same time a strange energy emanated from the formation, it seemed to have change, he quickly looked up, immediately his face changed.

Under the protection and suppression of the great Buddhist formation wielded by many of the Tian Yin Temple monks at the same time, Ghost Li’s evil power was forcibly suppressed, all of it contained in the golden light formation. The mysterious storm in the sky was unable to find its target, slowly dispersed. Unexpectedly at this moment, the weak beams of light on Ghost Li, suddenly lit up again, and its turbulent energy, was even more powerful than before.


A shock of thunder, exploded out in the horizon.

Wild winds raged, in the thunder, Ghost Li again screamed long to the sky, light flashed around him, dark-green, red, gold, bright red, rotated ceaselessly, finally in the end merged, evolved into the most simple black white colours, this black white colours were also rather strange, at times totally white, at times totally black, unpredictable but the indistinct power in it, was felt by all of the Tian Yin Temple monks.

In the mid air, consolidating several Tian Yin Temple monks’ power, that golden light formation, seemed unable to resist Ghost Li’s new-born power, slowly weakened. At the same time, wind and clouds rolled in the sky, the enormous vortex appeared again, and its speed surpassed the previous, swiftly formed and just above Ghost Li.

Looking up from the ground, in that layers of cloud vortex, lightning flashed madly, thunder sounds rumbled, there was also a strange [si si] whistle, like the sky’s ferocious mouth, was about to pick someone and devour.

The monks on the ground, their faces revealed pain, it had become a struggle to maintain this formation, right now not only Ghost Li’s body was resisting the golden light, in the sky, that mysterious vortex, a powerful force descended, clashed heavy on top of the golden light formation.

The golden light formation received attacks from the front and back, its light swiftly dimmed, PuHong Master and the rest were shocked, and at this moment, a sound of thunder suddenly in the sky, from that unceasing bottomless vortex, a thick lightning struck down from the firmament, onto the golden formation.

Deafening cracking sound, PuHong Master and the rest of the monks’ bodies shook, those monks who were lower-skilled, their faces flushed red, some already spat out blood. The golden formation wavered and flashed, finally dispersed dejectedly, vanished.

PuHong Master’s felt a tightness in his chest, as the leader of the formation, he received the hardest hit but right now his attention was all on the sky, in his anxiety, he actually stood up.

Since the golden light formation had broken up, Ghost Li no longer was restrained, the pressure on his body instantly disappeared but felt that although his body was relieved, the newborn vitality energy in his body revolved ceaselessly, growing incessantly, absolutely free from inhibitions.

Then, without waiting for any actions from him, he who had raised the alarm in the heavens, deep inside  the dark clouds in the sky, rolling cracks of thunder rumbled, like a light beam descending from the sky, overwhelmingly, as if directly penetrating through Heaven and Earth, struck down with a loud crash, it was heading straight towards him.   

Where it traversed, blazing fiercely, the sides of the column made [chi chi] sounds unceasingly, not knowing if it was because the temperature was too high, all of the things beside it were all reduced to malleable. And what Ghost Li was facing, was this colossal might of Heaven and Earth, unavoidable, inescapable…

Looking as Ghost Li was about to be hit by this colossal light beam, body to be smashed to pieces, PuHong Master and the rest of the monks could not bear to watch, all closed their eyes and turned their heads over, PuHong Master felt even more grieved, couldn’t figure out, he was only having a good intention to enlighten Ghost Li, hoped to resolve the evil energy in his body, how did it turn out to be like this, invoking not seen for ten thousand years, existing only in legends, the Heaven Punishment Stern Thunder!

Don’t tell him, Heavens really could not accept this man?

The light beam looked to be arriving soon, before it reached his body, Ghost Li’s face pale, in the howling wild storm opened his mouth and shouted but there was no sound at all, all were drowned in that colossal might of Heaven and Earth. But he, wrapped under the divine might, blood flowing out of his face’s seven apertures, his expression desolate and despair, even the Soul-devouring evil baton which had always protected him loyally, this moment facing the Heaven Punishment, was suppressed and had no light.

Everything, seemed about to end!

The dominating firmament, a dirge seemed to be heard faintly, reverberating in the horizon.

Suddenly, behind Ghost Li, the Wordless Jade Wall which had gradually dimmed, seemed to sense something, numerous glimmering words again flashed up, especially the nine words in the center: Heaven and Earth heartless, treats all living things as straw dogs! Dazzled with glaring intensity, lighted up, looking at its impetus, it indistinctly carried a trace of insufferably arrogance and obstinate air.

Even if, facing the heaven which countless of mortals prostrated in worship, that Heaven Punishment which seemed eternally invincible, the light on the Jade Wall, did not retreat the slightest!

The light on the wall reached its ultimate, it was as if the most resplendent meteor ablaze in that instant, no one could look at its light. The light which seemed to go into a frenzy, in an instant blotting out the sky and covering up the earth, charged over, from bottom upwards, entirely enveloping Ghost Li’s body within, at the same time, an even bigger unparalleled brilliance charged up to the sky, that infinite impetus, actually charged directly towards that enigmatic colossal vortex in the horizon.



[Hong long!]...

The canopy of the heavens, deafening thunder sounds, each seemed to have the force of cracking the sky, like being agitated, in that instant, that incomparable might of the Heaven Punishment light column shifted a few degrees, leaving Ghost Li, struck onto that unyielding brilliance that rose up from that Wordless Jade Wall!

Two forces of blazing light columns, collided with a crash between Heaven and Earth, the mountain ranges on the ground quaked, numerous giant rock walls cracked opened, in the rumbles of thunder, thousands of beasts cried out, like the end of the world had arrived.

Between Heaven and Earth, the dazzling light which could not be viewed!

Heaven and Earth froze, seemed in that instant.

On the jade wall, the polished-like-mirror stone wall, cracking sounds were heard, from the center of the wall, [pu] a crisp sound, a small opening cracked opened, following which numerous thin fissures extended out from this opening, enlarging. Finally, in the confused cries, a sound of loud rumble, this huge stone wall, stones and rocks flew, collapsed!

In the horizon, the huge light beam slowly dispersed, the looming dark clouds seemed to have vented their anger, the wild winds slowly ceased, thunders too. Following which, heaven and earth seemed to resume its tranquility all of a sudden, the dark clouds gradually scattered, that calm sky, gradually lit up.

A figure, slowly fell from the sky, it was Ghost Li, blood streaming from his face, unconscious, and protecting his body, was a faint mysterious light, after his body landed, wavered a few times, eventually dispersed, leaving not a trace.

The Tian Yin Temple monks stared dumbfoundedly at the ruins of the Wordless Jade Wall, looked at Ghost Li who actually by a stroke of luck escaped from the Heaven Punishment, speechless.

This sleep, seemed to be another distant slumber.   

Seemed like during this time, many people walked past himself, extremely busy, some spoke beside him, the volumes loud and soft at times, and at times, there seemed to be arguments too. But most of the time, it was quiet.

He in this insipid peace, not knowing how long he had slept, indistinctly felt some sensations but still did not regain consciousness.

Maybe, remaining in this deep slumber, instead was the ardent hope deep inside his heart!

Footsteps were heard outside the door, FaXiang, in the meditation room, glanced out, quickly stood up, put his palms together and bowed to PuHong Master who was walking in. PuHong Master nodded, glanced at the sleeping Ghost Li on the meditation bed, quietly said, “Is he still good?”

FaXiang nodded and said, “Since that day, Zhang patron has been unconscious like this. Just that his breathing is at ease, there is no abnormal sign, and his body did not have any other injuries, by right should long be up but for some reason, he is still unconscious like that?”

PuHong Master was silent for a moment, said, “He is fortunate to escape death under the Heaven Punishment, as such it is already a tremendous luck. Thinking back that Heaven Punishment is a rare divine power in ten thousand years, unexpectedly it would happen on him, it can’t be...he is really an evildoer untolerated by Heaven?”  
FaXiang’s countenance changed, secretly glanced at PuHong Master, PuHong Master looked grave but there was no other expressions, thus he placed his suspended heart back, quietly said, “Teacher, is it that the other teacher uncles argued with you?”

PuHong Master laughed bitterly but did not speak.

FaXiang was silent.

After a long time, PuHong Master slowly said, “The Wordless Jade Wall was our Tian Yin Temple sacred ground treasure, moreover the Buddhist remains handed down by our founders, this time destroyed by Heaven Punishment, it is all because of my selfish motive. I have decided after Zhang patron regain consciousness, I will resign from my position as abbot, from then face the wall and comprehend Buddhist truth, so as to atone for my sin.”

FaXiang’s countenance changed greatly, exclaimed, “Teacher, how, how can you say that, this is not your fault!”

PuHong Master shook his head, said, “Your teacher uncles are right, I was filled with gratitude to Zhang patron for resolving PuZhi junior brother’s resentful spirit and vicious energy and so presumptuously made the decision, overestimated myself and assumed to use Buddhist power on the sacred ground to enlighten him. Thus invoking the Heaven Punishment, destroyed the Jade Wall, this is really my sin. Just that…”

He smiled instead, said to FaXiang, “Just that I never once regretted, do you know why?”

FaXiang silently shook his head.

PuHong Master smiled and said, “On that day, when the Heaven Punishment struck down, this Zhang patron by right would not be spared but the Jade Wall on its own accord saved Zhang patron. Although the reason for it, we all do not know but the Jade Wall had spiritual intelligence, it must be it was not willing to watch Zhang patron die under the Heaven Punishment and therefore did so. Since the Jade Wall did that, it can be seen what I did was not wrong. Therefore although it is my fault that the Jade Wall is destroyed, I intend to seek forgiveness but in my heart, I did not regret a bit.”

FaXiang clenched his teeth, raised his head and called out, “Teacher…”

PuHong Master patted his shoulder, smiled and consoled with a few words, walked to Ghost Li side and carefully looked at him, nodded and said, “Seems like he is looking much better already, if nothing unexpected happens, I guess he will wake up in these few days, you must take good care of him.”

FaXiang put his palms together, said, “Teacher please be assured.”

PuHong Master nodded, took another look at Ghost Li, turned and about to walk out.

Just when he was about to step out, suddenly, Ghost Li moved, making a soft groan.

FaXiang was shocked, said in pleasant surprise, “Teacher, he seems to be awakening.”

PuHong Master was greatly delighted, strided over, sat beside Ghost Li on the bed. Under the watchful gazes of the teacher and disciple, Ghost Li’s eyes gently fluttered, finally slowly opened.