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Chapter 173 - Celestial Sword

In the mid-air, Reverend DaoXuan frowning tightly, facing that, as if from the Nine netherworlds ferocious ghost, Beast Deity, not only him, all of the Good Faction people below, everyone of them was also staring in shock.

That monster in the air, its entire body as black as ink, the muscles on the colossal body bulged, numerous thick sturdy limbs extended out from the body, at a quick glance, not less than several hundreds, including the head and face which had deformed due to the witchcraft, it was even more savage and terrible, it was really an evil beast which never had been seen ever since Heaven and Earth formed.

After a period of silence, a stir of commotion and hubbub started from the human crowd, other than being utterly shocked, many more had actually expected, with this kind of southern border barbarians, naturally were the extremely vicious and evil type, this person before them looked not like human nor ghost, neither evil or devil monster, how would it be an innate thing from the world?

In the mid-air, Reverend DaoXuan took a deep breath, unhurriedly placed Zhu Xian ancient sword horizontally before his chest. The dazzling white light continued to pour out from the ancient sword, not only shrouded the sword in it, even Reverend DaoXuan’s entire right arm was also enveloped. Looking from the outside, right now the horizon was full of swords’ images, the sword formation a commanding presence, Reverend DaoXuan looked even more like a immortal but for some reason, under his celestial-appearance, his face started to look pale.

“Evil-doer, “ Reverend DaoXuan’s voice was like the peals of a deep bell, his tone deep, rumbling off, compared to previously, it was more austere, “you still have not come to realize the truth, are you waiting to be caught?”

The thousands-hands monster that the Beast Deity had transformed to, obviously did not give any weight to Reverend DaoXuan’s words, and after transforming, his voice also changed, it became hoarse and grating, as if a torn sandpaper sharpening a steel knife, sneered and said, “Waiting to be caught? Hehe, later I will first skin you alive, then disembowel those useless things below and dig out their hearts, send them to meet you at Hades, how about it?”

Reverend DaoXuan’s baleful energy between his brows flashed, without bothering with more words, where his sword gesture moved, immediately the sky full of swords danced, Zhu Xian sword formation was activated once again. Although that monster’s words were wildly arrogant but facing this unparallelled once a thousand years sword formation, naturally would not dare to be negligent, focused and prepared to fight.

But a sonorous golden drum suddenly resounded, from far to near, out of nowhere boomed, the seven-coloured radiant lights from the ancient sword leapt up, directly entered into the sword formation, immediately the extraordinary lights in the sky flashed, the swords laid horizontally, instantly again formed seven huge single-coloured sword formations, like before, facing that transformed monster.

From the Beast Deity’s mouth it issued a low deep growl, black gas circulated on the surface of its huge body, like ink, hundreds of strange arms either opened or closed, facing the imminent storm.

Reverend DaoXuan with a long whistle, like a mountain eagle charging up to the sky, straight up to the clouds, where the sound reaches, white light exploded, Zhu Xian swayed, the enormous sword formation moved with a rumble, the single-coloured swords slowly turned over, aimed at the Beast Deity.

After a moment, the sky which had been quiet for a long time, again [suo] a piercing sound rang out, closely following it, blotting out the sky and covering the earth, was all sharp piercing sounds, numerous Zhu Xian swords streaked past the horizon incessantly, carrying immense malevolent energy and murderous intention, charging towards the Beast Deity, in a twinkling of an eye, the first wave of purple sword formation had already rushed to the front.

The Beast Deity huge body, looked to be this innumerable swords’ live target soon, however, when the numerous Qing Yun Hill Good Faction disciples were about to rejoice, the hundreds strange long arms on the Beast Deity’s body, flew and danced, every arm gathered thick black gas, looking almost like a huge black cloud, rose to meet the sky.

In an instant, hundreds of swords stabbed down and the Beast Deity’s hundreds of strange hands were like apparitions, swiftly danced in the air, facing those almost indestructible swords, those black hands were not the least afraid, in a moment, the first wave of purple swords were either caught or hit, either wrapped around or removed, all of the swords were received. In the black gas, those swords soon lost their color and quickly dissipated away.

The countless people were dumbfounded, for thousands of years, this was the first person that could face and fight the Zhu Xian sword formation!

Just that, in the constantly changing situation, it did not allow one to have the time to think about these extra stuffs, like the long river angry waves, billows turbulent, the huge colourful main sword continued to produce countless of small swords, and even more under the Zhu Xian sword and Reverend DaoXuan’s manipulation, turned into an infinite sword rain and rained down, every sword carrying the Zhu Xian murderous energy, wave after wave, like thunder rumbling, like lightning flashing, pouncing towards the Beast Deity.

The Beast Deity roared incessantly to the sky, the deafening sound reverberated in the clouds, right now he was like facing the Heaven’s celestial spirits, fighting against the sky. The strange hundreds arms, wielded in the clouds, the black gas surging, layers of layers, responding to the sharp cries that filled up the sky!

One wave, and another, the hundreds thousands swords were like endless, pouring down, but looking at the Beast Deity’s huge body, it seemed to be a transformed devil, never a moment of tiredness, these two figures whom were both at the peak of their cultivation, fought wildly at this Qing Yun Hill.

Just that, there was after all a limit to human strength…

A wave, and another wave!

Until the forty-ninth wave of swords poured down, the seven colors sword formations had completed seven turns. Standing at the summit of the storm, Reverend DaoXuan was pale, even his right hand which was holding the ancient sword Zhu Xian, wrapped by the white light, indistinctly started to tremble.

And ahead, the Beast Deity looked even more sorry, after going through this wild storm of sword formation-like baptism, the original majestic hundreds over strange arms, more than half had already been destroyed, and the initial thick black gas, looked to have thin down much. Just that when he received the last wave of swords, his savage look turned more hideous, he did not lose morale but instead became even more high-spirited, a sound of hoarse weird laughter, like an evil ghost growl, broke out.

At the moment, the crowd was silent, everyone had turned pale, that soul-shocking, culmination of the fights, stunned everyone and made one unable to contain oneself, just that one never imagined, that unparalleled Zhu Xian sword formation, still could not subdue this exceptional evil beast, could it be, that this catastrophe was really inevitable?

The Beast Deity laughed to the sky, his huge body inconceivably leapt up, pounced towards Reverend DaoXuan, suddenly, between Heaven and on Earth, cries of alarm. Only Reverend DaoXuan, was shocked but calm, took a deep breath, a soft shout, the Water Kirin below him immediately moved back.

Unexpectedly, although the Beast Deity’s body was colossal but its speed was as fast as lightning, in a blink of an eye it had already pounced ahead, instantly black gas surged, not knowing how many huge arms grabbed over.

At this critical juncture, Reverend DaoXuan’s Zhu Xian ancient sword abruptly hung upside-down, a face which was pale immediately flushed red but turned pale again, repeated swiftly three times like that, the ancient sword Zhu Xian exploded with light, like a long whale water sucking in water, instantly sucked all of the swords in the sky, horizontal before Reverend DaoXuan, condensed into a colourful sword wall.

The Beast Deity’s countenance changed but it was too late to retreat, [pu pu pu], [ge ka ka] loud sounds were heard in the firmament, in that moment the black gas scattered, not knowing how many strange hands were annihilated.

Reverend DaoXuan was seen turning danger to safety and at the same time also wounded the Beast Deity heavily, Qing Yun Hill countless of disciples’ moods changed from greatly shocked to overjoy, cheering and jumping for joy. Unexpectedly before their cheers stopped, on that brilliant sword wall which annihilated numerous strange arms and black gas but just that the thickest and sturdiest black arm, where the black gas was especially thick and heavy, forced its way through and with one palm, hit onto Reverend DaoXuan’s chest.

Reverend DaoXuan, like being hit with lightning, his body shook, together with the Water Kirin howling to the sky, one man and one beast flew backwards heavily, until a distance of several zhangs, they then stopped. And the people at the foot of the mountain clearly saw, this push, Reverend DaoXuan’s dark-green robe immediately tore into pieces, bright red blood spurted out from his mouth, drops and bits, seemed to land onto the ancient sword, dotted dark red lights among the white light, and then gradually disappear.

Below Heaven and Earth, immediately a deathly silence.

The Zhu Xian sword formation in the horizon, seemed to be also affected, a wave of shakes and sways, the sky full of swords shook ceaselessly but eventually became still. It could be that because the true way suffered damage, the initial overwhelming Zhu Xian sword formation, right now its boundary was reduced to more than half of its original size.

An ominous premonition, seemed to envelope everyone's heart.

Wiping away the blood stains on his lips, Reverend DaoXuan looked at his palm, blood stains flowed onto his hand. He watched for a long time and then slowly looked ahead, right now the sword energy, dark clouds had all completely dissipated, the Beast Deity in front of him was watching him like a tiger eyeing its prey, but looking at him, although the Beast Deity had injured him but he himself was no better.

The arms which were reduced to less than half of its original number, in a blink had again suffered heavy losses and annihilated half by the Zhu Xian sword, looking at it now, only several were left but those remnants, were the most powerful ones, completely different from the other arms. And the Beast Deity itself, his face which was shrouded in black gas, right now seemed to be slightly pale but the battle mood on his face, like the most ferocious beast, turned stronger in defeat, did not have the slightest intention to give up.

The corner of Reverend DaoXuan’s mouth twitched, seemed to be smiling bitterly, but this slight action, seemed to also affect his injury, his body swayed a few times, causing the crowd below to cry out. But fortunately he only swayed a few times and then stood firm, however right now his vulnerability, was evident.

The Beast Deity ahead of him, sneered with [ka ka] sounds, in a deep low voice said, “How is it, ignorant humans like you all, even though with such supreme celestial object, it is still an outcome like this, before it is too late, you better kill yourself!"

Reverend DaoXuan silently looked up, facing the firmament, the Zhu Xian ancient sword’s light reflected his face, suddenly there was a different demeanour.

"Qing Yun sect ancestors…” Reverend DaoXuan suddenly spoke, but the words, the intonation was deep and slightly with pain, “disciple DaoXuan is unworthy, unable to subdue the evil demon, implicating the common people, the catastrophe is imminent. For the survival of the common people, disciple has no choice but to violate the prohibition, hope that ancestors will still bless, eliminate the evil and subdue the devil, even though disciple will be consigned to eternal damnation, disciple is also willing to bear."

His voice was light, not many could hear it, everyone saw him mumbling, his expression seemed to be grieved, the crowd was perplexed, not knowing what Reverend DaoXuan was doing. Just that a moment later, suddenly in the mid-air, Reverend DaoXuan glared, sternly and imposing, his left hand sword gesture suddenly led, straight towards that Zhu Xian ancient sword in front of his chest.

White light shone, suddenly red beam flashed, Reverend DaoXuan’s left hand was seen entering into the white light, when it emerged again blood was spilled but his face, although looked pale but there was not a trace of pain, his left hand with a quick stroke, in the air with fast speed drew out a strange picture, and the blood dripping from his fingers did not drop down, instead accompanying his hand’s movements, coagulated in mid-air, materializing to life.

A red, blood TaiJi picture!

Dark red blood, started to swiftly flow on the diagram, becoming brighter and brighter, like a red jade, and the TaiJi diagram itself also began to rotate with speed. Reverend DaoXuan looked more and more pale, at the same time that Zhu Xian sword shrouded in white light in his hand started to tremble, as if this celestial sword within this hilt, seemed to be disturbed by something, desiring something!

That TaiJi diagram turned faster and faster, slowly rose, arrived at three chi before Reverend DaoXuan, Reverend DaoXuan right now looked extremely pale, as if his entire body’s vitality was being sucked into the diagram but he still used the last bit of strength, held the ancient sword up, suddenly stabbed with force, penetrated this bloody TaiJi diagram, at the same time, he shouted with a loud shout -- "Heaven! ... Secret! ... Seal! ...”

Each time he shouted a word, the Heaven and Earth in the reverberation, in the windless clear sky, a shock of thunder impressively accompanied it, earth-shakingly, a wave of imposing great force, descended from the sky, formless yet with substance, penetrating from the top in. Where the violent wind began, on his body, [pong, pong, pong] like explosions, with his three loud shouts, his clothes instantly burst opened, turned into ashes.

And under his feet, on the vast great land, the expansive Qing Yun mountain ranges rumbled loudly, the earth started to tremble, the seven peaks of Qing Yun mountains towering into the clouds, without exception, TongTian, Long Shou, Morning Sun, Sunset, Return of the Wind, Big Bamboo, Small Bamboo seven summits, green mountains deep valleys, within the majestic huge rocks, golden lights spilled out, turning brighter and brighter, gradually converged and formed, the golden light resplendent, as if shooting out deep from the mountains spiritual summits, as if these mountains originally were alive, in this resplendent golden light, the huge mountains started to breathe.

And in this swaggering dazzling golden light, finally gathered and formed seven different golden huge diagrams, on this great earth mountain peaks, facing in the far away horizon that ancient sword Zhu Xian.

Splendor horizon!

Glorious magnificent!

Even the Beast Deity was also dumbstruck!

Zhu Xian ancient sword started to shake even more violently, and that TaiJi diagram which was formed from blood was already spinning to a blur.

Golden green flashed on Reverend DaoXuan’s face, burst out in a loud shout.


A word “Break” shouted, instantly the entire sky of swords shook intensely, the vast horizon, darkened completely, violent winds stones rolled, the mountains shook earth quaked, strange rocks started to fall, the solemn broad seven summits golden diagrams, as if being tore apart by some great force, started to slowly scattered.

And almost at the same time, the light on the ancient sword Zhu Xian became more and more intense, the white light dazzling, and even shrouded Reverend DaoXuan in it. And at this earth-shaking overwhelming scene, the seven colours that had rose from the seven mountain peaks, suddenly disappeared. At the same time, the sky full of swords also all gradually faded, leaving only that seven-coloured main sword in the formation, turning even more resplendent.


Sound of thunder, resounded throughout Heaven and Earth, the earth quaked even harder, those golden lights on the seven peaks had reached their final moment, finally totally dissipated.

Rumbling thunders, like the sea tide surged and reverberated in the sky, and below on the earth, instead turned silent, no longer quaking, no longer splitting. After which, almost at the same time, different coloured lights more than ten times intense than before, rose with a rumble, charged up to the sky and re-gathered onto the ancient sword Zhu Xian.

Blazing brilliance instantly like explosion lit up Heaven and Earth, shot forth in all directions, unimaginable light enveloped the whole world, on the ancient Zhu Xian sword formation, leaving only that huge colourful main sword, but at this moment, from the ancient sword Zhu Xian reflecting rays of extensive huge lights, little by little, in the ten thousands people’s dumbstruck gazes, that colorful Zhu Xian main sword, from radiant splendor flowing lights, gradually integrated, gradually became a single color, giant sword blazing with white light, its resplendent ten thousands zhang, illuminating the world.

In that instant, countless of people came out of their shock, watching the incredulous scene in the sky, everyone drunk in the sight, wild cheers undulating, filled up the Qing Yun Hill.

Everyone came back suddenly from despair, in a blink seemed to be filled with confidence, that in this world evil still does not suppress the good, completely disregarding that it was still not the end of the battle, victory was still unknown.

Just that, in this wild crowd, everyone looking up at the sky, no one will notice that in the mad chaos, there was a white figure, quietly leaving the crowd, swiftly heading to the rear mountain.

The wind brushing past the cheek, a hint of chill but how could it cover, that ball of burning blazing fire deep inside the heart?

Lu XueQi’s snow-white face, indistinctly had a faint flush, tightly biting her lips, deep inside a pair of eyes, had already arrived deep inside that remote rear mountain!

At the fringe of the sky, the chaotic situation was still pressing!

But who else was still concern?

Indistinct ancient song, quiet language of the heart, following that fluttering white clothes, gone far with the wind, galloping towards that unknown distant place.

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Chapter 172 - Evil Beast

No sooner said than done, that overwhelming rain of swords had already arrived before the Beast Deity, the strong winds creating a biting pain on the face. And at this flint-spark moment, the Beast Deity’s figure was suddenly concealed, vanished in the cloud-mass of black gas, instead that ferocious spiritual huge beast beneath it surged with black gas, suddenly leapt up, its skeleton making cracking sounds, surrounded by the cloud of black gas, it looked even more terrible.

That terrible monster roared to the sky, at that instant the sky changed, sands and stones blew and rolled away from the ground, almost no one could stand straight. In the chaotic scene, the black gas surged and rolled, merged with that monster, in a blink expanded more than three times, several streams of black gases emerged out from its white skeleton, danced in the air like tentacles.

By now the Zhu Xian sword rain had already arrived, the thousands swords were no ordinary formation, the black gases rushed up, before it could reach it, instantly it was dispersed completely by the swords energies, leaving not even a trace, charged down and headed straight to that savage monster.

That ferocious monster roared incessantly, the strange howls again and again, this batch of extremely sharp swords looked like it would soon hit the huge monster, suddenly those several tentacles like alive, flew up and met the swords, the black gases covered the clouds and hid the sun, blocking the sword rain.

The Zhu Xian swords in a blink met it, however those black gases-like-tentacles were definitely not like the surrounding black gas but yet not like the initial tough and sturdy gases wielded by the Beast Deity, the hundred-over spiritual swords charged down, those tentacles as if alive, wrapped around, gradually slowing down the momentum, even the swords’ brilliance, slowly dimmed, gradually losing its shine.

However Zhu Xian swords were after all not ordinary, although it was formed by invisible energies, in order to dissolve these swords, the surrounding black gases tentacles evidently were also wounded by those celestial energies, huge amount of vapors rose, from that ferocious monster’s body, black gases poured out endlessly, in a blink filled up the front. In not a short while, these hundred over Zhu Xian spiritual swords were inconceivably dissolved away.

Qing Yun Hill TongTian Peak, absolute silence, like a dead silence.

In the mid-air, Reverend DaoXuan looked even more grave but there was no fear, his celestial-like figure towered aloft at the top of the clouds, his hand holding the brilliant shining Zhu Xian Ancient Sword, looking like an ancient celestial deity.

But he only sneered, his right hand holding the sword towards the sky, slowly waved, following which the ancient sword’s brilliance dazzled, thunder indistinctly started to rumble in the sky, the entire sky rumbled, the powerful Zhu Xian sword formation started to turn together, especially that seven-coloured main sword was even more resplendent, unable to view it directly.

In the white light, from the ancient sword Zhu Xian, suddenly purple air leapt up and charged to the sky, directly entered into the sword formation, instantly within ten zhang the purple gas spiritual swords gathered together; closely following, the other six brilliant lights one by one leapt up, magnificent and dazzling, flying into the sky, immediately formed a seven-star position within Zhu Xian sword formation, each an enormous single-coloured sword formation, majestic and awe-inspiring.

The winds and clouds whistled, the violent sound of the winds.

A shock of thunder suddenly in the silence, a loud crash, like the hearts of thousand people in shock, the swords’ brilliance flowed in the horizon, colourful lights dazzled, numerous colourful swords streaked past the horizon, charged down with sharp whistling.

Like an angry tide in the sky, surged forward, the purple gas leading, at one glance it looked endless, even much more powerful than the previous force. And behind the purple gas, every ten zhang, single-coloured spiritual swords converged, whistling and surging, turbulent and raging, not what a human could imagine.

Looking at this almost armageddon-like scene, not one did not change countenance, their palms breaking out in sweat.

Mixing in this deafening thunder and sharp whistling sounds, the ancient song slowly submerged, even those strange drum beats, had long disappeared. But that huge monster, facing such frightening furious billows of the sword rain, it was still brazen, in the rising black gases, it howled sharply, like provoking the sky, extremely arrogant and obstinate.

In a blink the swords’ light pounced onto its body, several black gases tentacles immediately rushed up, in spite of the fact that this sword energy was already incomparable to the previous attack but the southern crude ancient witchcraft, had a strange unfathomable deity-ghost ability, the black tentacles became more daring as it battled, although it was pierced a thousand holes and openings by the innumerable sword energies in an instant but the endless black gas immediately was filled up, the largest limit was actually expanded, extended several zhang more.

Just that this wave of purple spiritual swords charging into the black gas, forcibly suppressed the black gas but the next moment, the black gas had already countered, leapt up, swallowed the spiritual swords one by one. Even it was so, before the black gas could resume its original form, the second wave of sword formation had already arrived.

The multifarious scene, boundless piercing light, in the firmament the swords light like rain like locust, dense and thick, and with Reverend DaoXuan’s power manipulation, Zhu Xian ancient sword turned more and more resplendent, in the mid-air the seven-coloured main sword continued to split out more and more single-coloured spiritual swords, the speed increasing and increasing, waves and waves of soul-stirring huge sword formations, with a loud rumble struck down that mass of black air.

Under such brazenly attack by this Zhu Xian formation like angry tide, the black gas was unable to regain its initial arrogant look, gradually starting from ten zhang radius, gradually being shrunk and facing waves of even stronger waves, the turbulent swords light almost like infinite and giving a feeling of hopelessness, the black gas gradually was unable to sustain. The enormous ferocious monster still roaring incessantly but the surrounding black gas had gradually became weaker, every wave came nearer to it, the black gas gradually became thin, the strange tentacles also gradually weaker, struggled to resist that sky of sword rain.

Unknown since when, after a period of long silence, the crowd below broke out in waves of cheers.

The last six tentacles, after with effort resisted that wave of green sword, finally dispersed and disappeared, in the air, leaving only that huge monster.

Heaven and Earth solemn, spiritual swords marched over unhindered!

Indistinct ancient song, vast and boundless wilderness!

Like a shock of thunder, like a flash of lightning, infinite swords rays descended from the sky, pouring over from all directions, piercing through that huge monster in the sky.

The huge white skeleton instantly splitted, numerous black blood fluid sprayed out, the monster abruptly lifted its head, made a heart-wrenching cry to the firmament.

The winds ceased and the clouds dispersed.

The sword rain ceased.

Ten thousands eyes watching, the huge ferocious body, every inch of flesh and bones, seemed to be trembling, watching carefully, twinkling with numerous tiny swords, stabbed everywhere, from head to tail, from top to bottom, there was not a place where it was whole.

The people on TongTian Peak sucked in a breath of cold air, for some reason, felt a sensation of pricks at their backs.

Just that, that monster was still not dead, the head stabbed full of Zhu Xian numerous swords, slowly turned around, looked at its body full of holes and slowly lowered it head. For some reason its voice, was not that mournful and ferocious, right now it was extremely deep, looked reluctant and even more in pain.

The giant mouth opened and closed, two red glints flashed past its eyes, like fire flames, burning strongly but eventually soon after that, shattered and disappeared.

The next moment, in the mid air, from the huge monster’s body a loud sound burst forth, resounded between Heaven and Earth, numerous swords flew backwards, even that sword formation in the firmament, also had a wave of disorder.

Then, that once mighty huge ferocious monster, as if it suddenly become extremely fragile, the violent wind blew past, the indestructible skeletal body, like sands and stones, collapsed finely, white bones to sand, flesh to stones, scattered with the wind.

The crowd silently stared at the horizon, when victory was in sight, no one cheered, as if there was a layer of strange feeling, enveloped everyone’s heart.

In the sky, that once huge body seemed almost completely dispersed with the wind, suddenly a cry was heard from below, following which everyone started to cry out. In the monster’s body, although the flesh and bones were completely dissolved but there was still a mass of black gas, slowly rotating in the air, the next moment, when the monster was finally completely destroyed, and that mass of black gas slowly dispersed, revealed a sight.

It was a young man body, indeed it was the Beast Deity who had disappeared. However the Beast Deity right now was not that cool and compose as before, instead he cut a sorry figure, especially that gorgeous set of silk clothes, right now was full of holes, blew once at by the strong winds, turned to ashes in the sky.

Right now he was naked but on his face, there was no fear or disappointment, on the contrary, his eyes was staring ahead at that majestic vast sword formation, suddenly smiled, stretched his body, his entire body hovering in the air, clapped and said, “Admirable, admirable!”

Reverend DaoXuan’s countenance changed, apparently he did not expect that the Beast Deity was such a difficult foe, facing such powers and he could still resist, and at one glance, he only looked slightly pale and tired, on his body, not a single wound.

Below, suddenly a commotion, many of the female disciples at Qing Yun Hill right now realized with a start, their faces red, did not dare to look at the sky again. Instead at the horizon, although the Beast Deity was naked but he did not seem to care, as if he was like that since the beginning of Heaven and Earth, behaving like nothing had happened, only stared intently like that ancient sword in Reverend DaoXuan’s hand.

Reverend DaoXuan sneered, said, “If you surrender now and promise to incapacitate your skills yourself, at Qing Yun rear mountain Illusory Moon Cave re-cultivate and progress to Good, I can spare your life. Otherwise, under Zhu Xian Sword, will not let you such a menacing threat live!”

Having said that, he held the Zhu Xian ancient sword, gently waved, immediately the swords in the sky seemed to sense it, wavered together, a commanding presence. But at this moment, a trace of pain flashed past Reverend DaoXuan’s face, although it was just for a moment but the Beast Deity had already caught it.
The Beast Deity hovered in the air, his eyes ablaze with a strange glint, a trace of smile revealed on his lips, lightly said, “Like this kind of extreme savage celestial sword, in addition with the spiritual energy from the green mountains below, you actually are able to sustain until now and yet still not exhausted, it is really incomparable to ordinary person.”

Reverend DaoXuan frowned, in a deep voice asked, “What do you mean by these words?”

The Beast Deity laughed and did not answer, only shook his head, said, “The ferocious spirit of the ancient sword, must definitely be created out of Heaven and Earth vicious currents, came from the same source as me, how would I not know? You forcefully wield the sword and battle with me, the outcome still unknown but mostly taking advantage of the sword energies, harming others and yourself like that, you are not an ordinary folk, why do you still need me to elaborate further? He he, “ Speaking until here, the Beast Deity coldly laughed twice, again said, “I advise you to abandon the sword early, otherwise later on the sword backlash, I’m afraid your outcome will even be thousands and ten thousands times more tragic than me.”

Reverend DaoXuan stared at the Beast Deity for a long time, suddenly shook his head and laughed loudly, his eyes full of disdain, said, “Evil spirits and demonic heretical ways, how would you know our Taoist school benevolent heart! And furthermore our Taoist school true way, supreme celestial sword, how will it be what your ravings are?”

He made a clear whistle, at where his arm was raised, the entire sky of swords quivered, imposing said, “Evildoer, receive death!”

The Beast Deity sneered, the glint in his eyes burned like fire, eagerly said, “Good, today will let you see the power of our southern border witchcraft!”

He had just spoke, black gas already formed, from his skin, suddenly flashed with black air, the next moment his fair skin had turned totally black like ink, and under the skin, it started trembling, countless tiny lumps rose, like alive, started to shake unceasingly.

In an unknown far place, the open vast wilderness, suddenly an extremely low [dong dong] strange sound was heard, like a human heartbeat, extremely weird. In the far horizon, outside Zhu Xian sword formation brilliance ten thousands zhang away, the sky suddenly darkened, the dark clouds rolled over from all directions with rapid speed, quickly gathered beside the Beast Deity.

Reverend DaoXuan looked grave, his entire self alert and prepared, stared at the strange changes in front of him.

In the hovering black gases, the deep strange sounds which seemed to come from the spiritual Nine netherworlds travelled faster and faster, denser and denser, made one involuntarily felt as if their own heartbeat also increased in speed, faster and faster, until in the end it felt almost going to burst, a few lower-skilled Good Faction disciples actually could not take it, fell and sat on the ground, used their internal energies and struggled to resist.

And in the air, as the black gas turned thicker and thicker, suddenly, a deep low roar, like a creature growl, and yet like an insect breaking out of its cocoon, everyone could see it clearly, on that black Beast Deity’s body, from the left arm, the skin burst, from the countless small bumps that shook incessantly, slowly extended out something, with fingers and hand, it was actually another arm, and on this new arm, strong sturdy bones, far bigger than the body’s own arm, couldn’t imagine how this could stretch out from the original arm.

However this was just the beginning, following the sounds of deep bursting, every part of the Beast Deity’s body seemed to explode out, and from there different kinds of huge body parts appeared. And before long, from these new body parts, again burst opened, again grew new and even bigger body limbs.

The people on TongTian Peak were struck dumb with shock, looked at each other, such bizarre unnatural black art, not only they had never seen, they had not even heard of it. Thousands and thousands of years in Central Plains, in countless of ancient books and records, never had anyone recorded such shocking black art.

Right now Reverend DaoXuan, also couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air, stunned to see the Beast Deity who looked like an ordinary young man, at the moment constantly expanding, until finally when he stopped splitting, towering in front of Reverend DaoXuan, facing Zhu Xian formation, was already a as high as ten zhang, thousand hands hundred heads monster.

TongTian Peak mountain rear, Illusory Moon Cave boundary.

The purple column that had rose from the cave was still the same, without any sign of faltering, looking at it from afar, that column looked like it was solid, propitious vapours rose, solemn and dignified.

And in the sky at the moment, covered more than half by Zhu Xian sword formation, even separated from a far distance, Ghost Li and Lin JingYu both could feel the surging turbulent celestial power of Zhu Xian in the horizon.

Restraining the trembling Dragon Slayer Sword in his hand, Lin JingYu looked away from the sky, shocked by the power and might of the ancient Zhu Xian, at the same time his emotions also had a slight change. Just now, he and Ghost Li seemed to at the tip of a life-and-death fight, this Zhu Xian sword formation started suddenly, a majestic scene, immediately stunned both of them. The two like-mindedly stopped.

And to say it actually, very likely the person standing in front of him, would be feeling even more complicated right? Lin JingYu for some reason, this thought flashed past his mind, turned and looked at Ghost Li.

That man, who looked to have gone through the vicissitudes of life, quietly looking at the sky, that brilliant, soul-stirring majestic scene.

Heaven and Earth quietly turned silent, the sound of wind from somewhere far, seemed to blow over, the voice many years ago, and deep inside the mind, reverberated countless of times the past ten years, heartbroken each time the scene was revisited.


Faintly, like the wind-bells gently swaying in the breeze, who glanced back and smiled in the sounds of bell, that once light green figure and gentle body with warmth, that little bit of remaining warmth, God knows those past few years, how many desolate nights it had warmed him?

The chill from the recesses, from the heart coldly surfaced, gushed up into the heart, chilled the heart, made the body cold, from the fingers to deep in the heart, like it could never feel another trace of pain, yet suddenly discovered, that time had already transformed into a sharp knife, constantly cutting.

But blood was not seen!


He lightly spoke, for some reason his body, started to tremble. In his eyes, reflected those ten thousands brilliant lights from the swords, almost not a mortal world scene. That numerous disarray galloping swords light, every ray that unrestrained and confident, all vivid in his mind, reminding him the memories of the past.

That green figure, as if standing beside him, like ten years ago, facing everyone, never retreating, never once regret!

“Hu ah…”

Ghost Li howled to the sky, both of his eyes wide opened, two hands clenched into fists, made a deep low [ge ge] sound. As if sensing its owner’s indignation, the Soul-Devouring slowly flew up, its dark black body, thin lines of dark red like blood vessels one by one lit up, reflected in Ghost Li’s eyes, gradually dyed both of his eyes red.

Crisp cry of the sword, alerted him, Ghost Li slowly turned around, a pair of blood red eyes, saw Lin JingYu’s sneer and disdain expression.

“You are really beyond hope!” Lin JingYu resolutely said, “I should have known, you have degenerate into the Evil Faction and it is hard for you to come back, unfortunately I still care about our former friendship, hope that you will come back. Forget it, today on this Qing Yun Hill, let’s make a clean break!”

Ghost Li watched him for a long time, suddenly laughed out loud, his laughter gradually turning wilder, full of arrogance and disdain.

Lin JingYu was furious, with an angry shout, made a sword gesture, immediately jade-green light shone brightly, Dragon Slayer Sword’s light seemed to transform into a greenish blue dragon, rising into the air. At that instant, violent winds started in front of the cave, Lin JingYu  holding the celestial sword flew up, his white clothes flapped, dashing and confident, like a giant among men, emerged out in the world floating. Just that at that moment, the murderous look in his eyes, seemed to surpass Ghost Li.

Flying up, Dragon Slayer Sword had already slashed down, although separated by a distance but the sword ray streaked over, like a green dragon its force impossible to resist, lashing out a deep groove on the ground, straight to Ghost Li.

Ghost Li, still that wild and slightly savage look, watching the jade-green ray bursting over, suddenly his body like a ghost, instantly disappear.

The Dragon Slayer Sword ray cut down, hit at there Ghost Li was standing previous, immediately the sturdy stone slab on the ground broke apart into four or five pieces, a big pit carved out.

The next moment, Ghost Li suddenly appeared one zhang before Lin JingYu, the Soul-Devouring stick flew out, red light flashing, flying with a whistling sound, the strong wind assaulting the face, also without any mercy.

Lin JingYu was shocked but calm, his body suddenly leapt up, avoided the thousands-pounds-force, turning back wielding his sword he was already charging over. Ghost Li made a long laugh, did not avoid and headed straight, the Soul-Devouring like lightning had flew back to his hand, heading towards Lin JingYu.

The two childhood playmates, glaring at each other like that, fighting till life and death.

Like an arrow leaving the bow, collided in mid-air!

Instantly, violent winds abruptly gathered, with the two persons as the centre, invisible sound waves rippled out, uprooted the trees nearby, flying backwards.

And in the center of the storm, the two persons’ faces at the same time flashed with a trace of pain, an indistinct gold ray flitted past Ghost Li’s face.

This fight which happened at the rear of TongTian Peak, following the winds brushing past the lofty ridges and towering mountains, over a far distance, it was already inaudible, moreover right now in the mortal world sky, the living things in the world, who would still care about them?

In the sky, there was still an even more important battle!

Just that, among the crowd, for some reason, Lu XueQi suddenly was shocked, strangely a faint gold light flashed past her face.

She turned back stunned, her body stiff, gazing far, in that far distance, it was that secluded remote mountain rear...


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Chapter 171 - Witchcraft

Outside the ancient forbidden place, birds chirped, the mountains tranquil, other than the earlier indistinct shouts and roars of battle from the mountain a distance away, there was no other noise. Gentle mountain breeze blew over from afar, the exuberant vegetation on the mountain swayed together, it looked not like a scene from the mortal world.

Under the four bold big words of the Illusory Moon Cave, the stone walls outside the primitive cave seemed to have wear off much, as if it had recorded the infinite number of times time had quietly passed through here. And right now, this stretch of wild countryside seemed to be silent, watching these two men facing each other.

How much time over the years, quietly passed just like that, when one turned back, the good friends from the old days, how many are left?

Lin JingYu had been keeping quiet but the expressions on his face constantly changed violently, only his eyes, never left Ghost Li. That man standing silently before him! Was it still that Zhang Xiao Fan?

Finally, he spoke, his deep low voice with a trace of hoarseness, said, “Why did you kill him? He was only an old man who was already in his late days.”

Ghost Li’s facial muscles seemed to twitch once, he raised his eyes and looked at Lin JingYu, that playmate from his childhood, the veins on his face seemed to move, it could be seen that he was struggling to control his emotions but such a fiery and forthright expression, it seemed to be his innate look!

Just like, when he was young, he was already familiar with it. And right now, he stood there openly, under the sunlight, questioning himself…

Deep inside the dense forest, there seemed to be a pair of dark eyes, coldly watching the two men’s figures.

Ghost Li watched him for a long time, slowly said one sentence, “He obstructed my way.”

Lin JingYu snorted and then he lifted his head to the sky, inhaled deeply, like he was speaking to himself deep inside his heart, the next moment, when he turned back, he had a cold expression.

He stared deeply at Ghost Li, looked at this once so familiar but right now so unfamiliar face, coldly said, “Since the terrible tragedy in Grasstemple village, when we are the only survivors, I have always treated you like my brother, do you know?”

Ghost Li’s lips moved, slowly nodded.

Lin JingYu stared at him, said, “In my heart, I have always thought, we are the closest, therefore even ten years ago when you betrayed Qing Yun, I have always hoped, hoped that one day you will realize your wrongs and mend your ways, return to Good Faction again.” For the first time a dismal expression appeared on his face but in this disappointment it indistinctly still revealed hatred, coldly smiled and said, “But, eventually I am still wrong, I should have realized it earlier, you are no longer that best brother Zhang Xiao Fan, you are now already Evil Sect fearful figure, the merciless Ghost Li.”

He laughed dismally, the expression on his face turned even more decisive,  a sound of [qiang lang] dragons singing, jade-green light flared, ‘Dragon Slayer Sword’ left its sheath, the sword energy like dragon, like a raging torrent, raging to devour someone, reflecting Lin JingYu’s young yet angry face, looking somehow savage.

“Our past friendship, sever in half today!”

The resounding words were spoken resolutely. Following which a beam of jade-green sword light, tore apart this silence, from high up in the air slashed across the solid sturdy stone ground, a loud sound, ceasing only after a long time. After which, what was left was horizontally between the two of them, a deep sword scar on the stone slab.

Ghost Li’s face suddenly changed, even his body for some reason, trembled, he stared hard at that deep scar on the ground, for the first time his face revealed a trace of anguish.

That sword scar was so deep, carved into the solid stone, unable to be erased again. He looked at that scar, even Lin JingYu’s words, he seemed to take no notice.

The deep sword scar, not long ago, he seemed to have seen it before?

Almost at some time, someone he treasured in his heart, also cut off all relations, also such resolutely!

Deep scar, deep deep scar, cut through the stone slab on the ground, severed all relations in the world but the one it hurt, whose heart was it?

Almost like he couldn’t breathe, Ghost Li involuntarily panted heavily, even his body started to shake uncontrollably but the next moment, he again took control over himself. The agitated expression on his face flashed past and never appeared again. He slowly lowered his head, secretly, clenched his teeth tight.

Then, he lifted his head, looked at Lin JingYu for a long time, clenched both of his hands into fists, his nails sinking deep into his flesh.

But on his face, he smiled instead.

Lin JingYu became even more infuriated, said, “What are you laughing at?”

Ghost Li stared at him for a long time, softly said, “Realize wrongs and mend ways?” He suddenly laughed loudly, his laughter mournful, said, “Yes I am lost, indeed I couldn’t find the way but which way is the correct path, is it your path?”   

Lin JingYu sternly said, “That’s right, Good Faction is the correct path, you betrayed and abandoned the Good Faction, that would be astray.”


Lin JingYu’s body shook, was stunned.

Ghost Li’s dismal look, lifted his head to the sky, angrily spat and said, “Who said that Good Faction is the correct way? Is it you? Even if it’s what you said, Good Faction is the correct way, then what makes you think your Qing Yun is definitely considered the Good Faction?”

Lin JingYu frowned tightly, a murderous expression revealed on his face, coldly said, “Since you and I have already sever our relations, why bother with words!”

Ghost Li coldly looked at him, said, “You want to kill me?”

Lin JingYu sternly said, “That old man is killed by you, these ten years he had devotedly taught me, treated me like his son, I am indebted to him, like a father to me. He is killed by you and you are still unrepentable, I want to rid the people of an evil, seek revenge for him.”

Ghost Li sneered, said, “There are many kinds of jackals and wolves in the world, actually it didn’t mean anything but just that I have not fulfilled my wish and so definitely will not die.”

Lin JingYu laughed a long laugh, full of disdain, the Dragon Slayer Sword lit up, he coldly said, “Enough with nonsense, our old scores over these ten over years, settle it today!”

Ghost Li humphed, dim dark-green light lit up from his right hand, that firestick glowed with dark light, quietly flew up.

Birds chirped lightly, the mountain felt even more tranquil, the lush green mountain, clear breeze lightly blew, under the boundless sky, before the thousand years old ancient cave, the two childhood friends, coldly facing each other, about to do a life-and-death battle.

And at this time, suddenly, behind them, a deep rumble was heard from that Illusory Moon Cave, the surroundings started to shake, both of them changed countenance.

Before they could react, from that ancient cave, a purple gas flashed past, instantly that purple gas leapt up, shrouded the cave opening, the clouds surged, among it thunder rumbled, the purple gas like a column, charged straight up to the clouds.

Leaving the two of them before this Heaven and Earth spectacle, right now looking extremely insignificant, their clothes flapped in the wind, again staring at each other coldly.

The wind was whistling.

Passing TongTian Peak, imposing and solemn but not only it was an absolute silence over at Good Faction side, even that black pressing stretch of demon beasts ahead, seemed to sense something, also quietened down, looked up.

Standing above the white skeleton monster’s skull, the brightly coloured silk clothings of the Beast Deity gently fluttered in the wind, a youthful appearance but his eyes showed a timeless gaze, also looking at that gradually emerging huge sword formation in the sky.

The majestic purple air, first soared up from back of the Qing Yun Hill TongTian Peak, its speed like lightning, its momentum unparalleled, charging up to the sky, like an enormous purple pillar supporting Heaven and Earth, suddenly appeared in this vast world. The purple air rose, turbulently and finally landed on that rock-yet-not-like-rock Zhu Xian Ancient Sword.

That moment, Zhu Xian Ancient Sword lighted up, even from a far distance, the innumerable humans, could sense high up in the sky, on that ancient sword, there seemed to be something, moving slightly, like slowly awakening from a deep slumber.

On the ancient sword, brilliant light released, reflecting Reverend DaoXuan’s face.

His dark-green robes rose without wind, making flapping sounds, his right hand holding the sword, his face solemn, his left hand fingers held a sword gesture tightly, between Heaven and Earth his low voice was heard, like Sanskrit chanting, like a strange incantation, reverberating far and wide. Suddenly, his left hand sword gesture moved, piercing the horizon, almost at the same time, the other six lofty mountain summits of Qing Yun mountain ranges, six rays of light rose up, like a long rainbow running through the horizon, broke through and arrived, streaking a long trajectory across the firmament and finally also landed on that Zhu Xian Ancient Sword.

Instantly, the Zhu Xian Ancient Sword was enveloped in an extremely dazzling radiance, like the rising run descended upon the mortal world, unable to look at it, the resplendent light burst forth from the ancient sword, immediately that mass of dark air which was hovering in the horizon was chased completely away.

In the resplendent light, seven colour lights merged into one, rose up from that mass of brilliant white light, in the sky, transformed into an enormous seven-coloured sword, flowing with colour and light. Following which, that colourful main sword with the ceaseless pouring of the seven mountain summits spiritual energies, started to become larger and during the process, different single-coloured energy small spiritual swords separated from it, increasing in number, started to spread thickly over the sky.

On the ground, a burst of cheers was heard from the onlookers, numerous young disciples, regardless or not whether they were from Qing Yun sect, all revealed awe and revered expressions, looking up at that almost mythology majestic sword formation in the horizon. And many of those who had experienced that Qing Yun turmoil ten years ago, right now had mixed feelings, some rejoiced, some silent.

Among the crowd, the surrounding young disciples smiled and laughed, Lu XueQi silently looked up at that resplendent, imposing Zhu Xian Sword Formation, the rays of light, reflecting down from the sky, enveloped everyone including her in it, reflecting her face bright. Just that, on her beautiful cold face, there was no expression, only in her pair of bright eyes, reflected that seven colours light, dimly, flashed with a different kind of feeling but eventually nobody could see what was deep in her heart.

Ten years of time, without realizing, quietly passed by like that, who would still remember, that heart-wrenching cry at Qing Yun Hill? Who would still remember, that young man who sank into despair?

Lu XueQi’s body trembled, suddenly seemed to recall something unbearable, even the expression on her face also dimmed down, subconsciously she held TianYa Celestial Sword tighter in her hand.

The sky full of sword figures, became more and more dense, numerous brilliant lights, covered the entire sky.

In the Beast Deity’s eyes, reflected the entire sky infinite swords, looking at it for a long time, he nodded, his face solemn, sighed and said, “It is really the work of the Gods, didn’t expect that there is such an unparalleled figure in Central Plains, able to gather the spiritual energies of the mountains and create such an exceptional sword formation. It is really amazing!”

He clapped and praised, said three times in succession, “Amazing!”



Although he sang praises but his face did not show the slightest fear, or should say, nobody knew, someone like him, a human-but-not-like-human, like those ghost demons, would he feel fear and dread?

In the stormy situation, the enormous monster made a low growl, slowly rose up and hovered in the air, facing that Water Kirin and Reverend DaoXuan standing on its back.

The violent wind blew past, the sky silent!

The humans and beasts racket below, suddenly seemed to be very far away, leaving only the two of them facing each other, the vast Heaven and Earth yet seemed narrow and cramped, seemed unable to accommodate two people.   

Both of them looked at each other.

Reverend DaoXuan coldly said, “Under Zhu Xian Sword, demons and ghosts have never been able to survive, if you are smart, surrender now, incarcerate yourself for a lifetime at Qing Yun and I will spare your life.”

Beast Deity was stunned and then laughed out, did not mind, only shook his head slightly, his face showed a few signs of ridicule. Reverend DaoXuan saw it, did not speak anymore, breathed deeply, his right hand held the sword tightly, his left hand suddenly waved, the sky full of dense swords, suddenly an orange spiritual sword left the crowd, pierced through the sky with a sharp whistle, shot towards Beast Deity.

Beast Deity was solemn but his eyes stared intently on the sword that was flying towards him, this orange sword flew like lightning, in a blink was already less than one zhang before him. Beast Deity suddenly raised his left hand, five fingers spread towards the direction of the sword.

In the mid-air, black gas appeared out of thin air, one zhang before the Beast Deity, instantly solidified and formed a black shield wall, top square bottom sharp, blocked before the orange-coloured small sword.

A moment later, the orange sword collided onto the black shield!

Heaven and Earth, in that instant, still that silent.


Following, like the rising run leaping out of the water surface, a thunderous rumble immediately erupted, and in the black air orange light, few lightnings flashed and then slowly receded.

These two objects were both formless gas objects but as if like the world’s most sturdy treasures both shook hard, the entire firmament and earth, shrouded in the deafening rumble.

The invisible sound waves, strong winds following, Qing Yun Hill summit, everyone’s ears were ringing, their countenances changed. Although the people already knew the two of them were highly skilled figures but from that exchange earlier, it looked like an ordinary testing of skills yet actually had such a powerful impact, it was really unexpected, at the same time the final outcome of this battle, would be even unpredictable.

There were even some who already thought, after this calamity, under such intensive and fierce fight, what would be the outcome of Qing Yun Hill.

In the air, Reverend DaoXuan and the Beast Deity faced each other, both expressionless, couldn’t tell if there was any sign of surprise or shock emotions. Under the dazzling colourful spiritual swords sky, the Beast Deity was shrouded in a mass of black air, looking especially glaring.

After a long time, Reverend DaoXuan slightly snorted, his left hand sword gesture signalled, his robes danced, against that resplendent ancient sword Zhu Xian in his hand which flashed for a moment, in the firmament, suddenly violent wind came from all directions, the sky of sword images, half of the swords in the horizon suddenly swayed. For a moment, brilliant lights and vibrant colours in the horizon, extremely awe-inspiring, almost unable to view directly.

The Beast Deity’s countenance changed, focused to meet it. As expected the next moment, starting from the back of Reverend DaoXuan, several colourful swords had already turned, trembling and shaking in the sky, targeting the Beast Deity. The cold energy, instantly surged and raged, the next moment, half of the swords in the sky, at one glance unable to tell the exact numbers, all seemed to be manipulated by an invisible force, slowly turning over.

Between Heaven and Earth, an austere atmosphere. But before the people could react, the ancient sword in Reverend DaoXuan’s hand had already exploded with light, at the same time, like an angry tide erupting, the raging waves hit the shore, the hundred over single-coloured spiritual swords in the formation formed a long and wide seven zhang huge sword rain, pounded down with a rumble.

The sky rang with piercing sharp whistles, [suo suo] sounds reverberated between Heaven and Earth. The Beast Deity watched the sword rain approaching, with a loud shout, the enormous monster below his feet at the same time howled long to the sky, its cry extremely mournful. However both of his hands opened wide and closed, his body moved, making weird movements, even from afar, for some reason, everyone on TongTian Peak at the same time heard an extremely odd desolate song.

That song was completely different from Central Plains, desolate and forceful, like a wild huge beast howling to the night sky in the storm, there was even a endless whistling feeling.

Following the deep ancient music, accompanying it was sonorous and rhythmic strange drum beats, the black air around the Beast Deity suddenly soared up, black like ink, in the violent wind rapidly circulated, like a black dragon brandishing its claws, imposingly watching the world.